The Most Productive Spring Break Ever

Hello my fellow bloggers! How is your day so far? Going well I hope? That’s good. Today I am going to talk about my spring break. As some of you may know, I am studying abroad in Scotland for my Masters. Woot! This past week was our mid-semester break. You would think that I, as a traveler, as a young person, as an American abroad, would go travelling during this time. Well, that wasn’t me.

I spent my spring break in the library, gym, and my house. It is a sad sad day for me. You see, I had school work to do.I have three essays due on the same day this month, ranging from 2000-3000 words each, plus another 3000 word-essay due the week after that. My life is a daily struggle. But, I am glad that I have used this time to catch up on my school work. I completely finished essays and the third one, I can finish in half-a-day. The one that is due the week after that is the only one that I haven’t started. But, I’ll get to that next week. I don’t want to overload my brain. I still made no progress on my thesis. I am getting slightly worried I am behind, but I’ve talked to my classmates and friends here, and for the most part, they are on the same stage as me. Maybe I am just being a worry-wart.

The other things I did during the break, besides going to the gym, was finally passed my TEFL exam. TEFL, if you don’t know means Teach English as a Foreign Language. It is a completely random move for me. But, TEFL247 was having a special on their online courses, for only $50USD, which is a steal. I was looking around and the average TEFL course (140 Hours) was at least a minimum of $300USD. I am not sure if I’ll ever use it, to be honest, but I am still not sure what I want to do in life, so I rather keep my options open.  Maybe I can teach in Japan or something. I have no idea.  I still have to decide what I am going to do come September. Do I travel? Can I get a part time job for three months teaching? This would be a lot easier if I had an EU passport……

I caught up with all my spring animes! Mainly Kill La Kill, and Golden Time. I’ll maybe write a review on them later this week, if I have nothing to post about. I also caught up with reading Haikyuu!!. It is such an adorable manga about a boy’s high school volleyball team. I don’t know what it is, but sports manga really gets to me.  To relax, and pass time, I’ve been learning how to color in manga, and make graphics. You can see my progress on my Tumblr. It is the shading that really gets to me. I mess up on that, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to color in dark tones. But, I am getting better with each coloring. It is really quite fun for me. I am not getting frustrated or anything, which is good.

And, so I don’t sound too totally lame, Photoshop techniques are a great skill to have on your CV/Resume. So, I am preparing for my future career, while being nerdy at the same time. Go me!

That is all for now. I never realized how much of a boring person I am until I started blogging again. Sorry for all those who read my blog and are bored. I’ll try to find something interesting to write about. For the rest of the day today, I am going to chill, and color some manga,

Peace, Love, and Pokemon.

You Can Make Mistakes, It’s Okay.

Right-o. Hello folks! Sorry for the lack of update, I’ve been feeling the pressure at school. I have three assignments due on the same day this upcoming month, plus, I have weekly presentations, and my thesis work (which I am receiving no supervisor support at the moment) so I have been feeling the stress. Today, however, I decided  to take the day off and just bum around. I caught up on my shows, went for a nice walk along Bridge of Allan, and ate junk food. It was grand.

Today, I want to talk about making mistakes and big choices. I have friends right now who have their life figured out. They have a goal and a plan. I also have friends who do not. They have a dream, and willpower. Either one, I feel, is a great thing.

My sister just turned 16 this year, and already she is stressing out about AP classes, and SAT scores, and what she wants to do in life to get a decent job. And then, I think about. She is 16! 16! How is she going to know what she wants at age 30, when she doesn’t even know what she wants to watch on Netflix? They should be worrying about trying to figure out themselves, and their personality than figuring out what job they want to do for the rest of their lives.

In high school, we are told what to do, how to think, what we should wear, even what we should eat. Then, during senior year, you are asked to make the choices that will dictate your life. We aren’t living in the 1800s. We are advanced now that we should have time to decide what we want to do in life.

We live in a society that sees mistakes as failures and not signs that we are growing up.

So, my advice to all you people reading this. Go out and make mistakes. Join a sports team. Find a hobby you are passionate about. Watch a lot of anime. Read comics and manga. Read a good book.

It’s okay. We don’t have to rush into things right now. We can take our time. Let us figure who we are and what we want before we decide our lives. It’ll work out in the end for us.

That is all for now. Sorry for the short post. Until next time.

21 Things I Want as a 22-year-old Grad Student

Hello my fellow bloggers! are you all doing well? Wasn’t it amazing that I blogged twice last week? Go me! In reality, it was just me not doing any work. I have three papers due on the same day next month. Lawd give me strength (Fight-o!) I am just taking a break and blogging about this article I read via Facebook. 21 Things You Start Wanting in your Mid-20s. Some of this list is spot on (I am looking at you blender). I have no job, I am a grad student, I am in between Crazy-Girl and Adult-Girl. There are times I want to paint the town red, and there are times when I realize no one says “paint the town red” anymore.  So, out of boredom and procrastination, I thought I’d make my own personal list of 21 Things I want a a 22-year-old. I might list some of the same things as the previous article. :P

1. Kitchen Supplies
Living alone with no meal plan has reinforced that I need to buy more kitchen supplies. I miss my measuring cups, my waffle maker, my cute little tea towels. If someone wants to buy me a blender, I’ll be grateful forever. I know when I get my own apartment (someday), I’ll buy a ton of cute kitchen supplies.

2. Alcohol (any)
I don’t think I’ll never say no to this.

3.  A job
At this point, I’ll settle for a paid internship. It is that bad.

4. Enough time to sleep in
Late night paper and 9 a.m. seminars do not mix well.

5. An Industrial Stapler
20 Page Research Article you have printed out and all you have is a tiny stapler that fits in your purse. Good luck with that.

6. Free University Printing
You don’t really need to print that work cite page of the scholarly article you are reading.

7. Coffee
I don’t know when you will not need this.

8. Nap Times
If you can find times in between classes and research, you are golden

9. Gym Membership
Going to the gym is a lot better than sitting around doing research. Believe me, it is worth the investment.

10. Cable/Television License
You think having a Netflix or Hulu subscription will just cut it? Think again. Having a TV is a blessing.

11. Someone to write your resume/CV
Don’t you wish that the downloaded templates had your information already written in there? I do.

12. Friends who are just as poor as you.
Ain’t nobody got money for going out all week. You don’t want to be spending, but you don’t want to be the one who drinks water at bars. Peer Pressure!

13. Hot Professors 
You know I ain’t the only one thinking this. Something has to keep you going to lectures.

While having good eye candy is always pleasant, you know you want that special someone already. It is that time you feel like settling down shouldn’t be too far for you.

15. Cute Clothes
I just want to look sophisticated during class, and stunning when I go out.

16. Chocolate
Cadbury, Hershey, Milka, Store Brand. I don’t care. Just give me all the chocolate in the world.

17. Vacations that are not in hostels
We need hotels that are just as cheap as hostel, but without the feeling of a freshman dorm.

18. Dinner Parties
Yeah going out is nice, but there is something magical about cooking and having a grand ol’ conversation. Or we can just get drunk at home. That is also great, we’ll just end up playing 10 fingers.

19. Cute Jacket for every temperature
I need one for when it is cold, for when it is sunny, for when it is sunny and cold, for when it is cold and rainy. I hate coats that look too hot, but really I need them.

20. Places that have free cloakroom. 
It is like an extra $3 to put your jacket in the cloakroom when we go out. That can be either taxi money, or more drink money.

21. Making Sense
I don’t know what I am writing half the time (see #19.) What was this post about? I think I just wanted to make a list.

So that is my list guys. It is very late at night, so please do not judge too harshly. What do you think? Leave me a comment if you read this. I think my list fits me very well. These are things that I find myself needing or wanting lately. I am telling you, sometimes I think that I am a cross between a young 20-year-old, and an old grandma.

College Porn Star

Okay calm your hormones people. We are talking about porn stars. But, not really. On the Huffington Post, I’ve been reading about this story in which they found out that this undergrad at Duke University is appearing in adult films aka porn.

I really REALLY do not see what the big deal is. I am sorry, but I cannot see why people are making such a fuss about it. Like she is not hurting anyone in the process, and if you are so disgusted by porn, then don’t buy it. I feel bad for the girl. She is over here trying to make a living , WHILE GETTING AN EDUCATION AT A PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITY, and they are putting her on full blast. Obviously she didn’t want people to know what she was doing. It seems like she is not ashamed, and is open about it, but I am pretty sure the reason she concealed her identity in the first place was so that she didn’t have to receive the Internet hate and such.

What is with people telling her to die? She is a slut? There are other rude things that they say as well.  Again, as I mentioned on my last post, there are probably worse people in the world than those who do porn.

She said that she took on this job because of Duke’s $60,000 a year tuition. Girl. I feel you.  Albright College was about 42,000 a year, and I am already feeling the pressure. Plus, doing a Masters. I might as well sink in a hole. And, if you are saving “Well, there are claims that she is buying expensive handbags, etc.,” So what? She made that money fair and square. There is nothing illegal about it. You know that you are all just hating because you want all those things as well.

There is a bigger issue at hand here. I mean, if she felt that porn was the only way to pay for college, isn’t that saying something? I mean she must have thought it was worth it  if her only two options were take a big loan that you will have to pay back the rest of your life, or graduate debt-free while doing porn. I’ll tell you this much, I wish I graduated with no debt. All you haters who keep saying “Well, she should have gone to a cheaper uni” or “She could think of some other job.” Obviously, you have money. This girl should go to a top-notch school. She should get the education that she wants. SHE GOT INTO DUKE SO SHE OBVIOUSLY has a brain.  How about we focus on making higher education affordable and at a decent price., so that everyone can get it, or at least not have to take these kind of side jobs. I really don’t think she wants to stay in porn after she graduates with her degree.

Maybe that is also a reason she didn’t want to reveal her name.  I hope that she gets a decent job after this, it is a shame that companies will judge her for this. Remember what the Bible said kids, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

That is my take on this debate (why are people even debating this?). There is obviously much worse things this girl could be doing to support her education. I mean, at least she is not suing her parents for tuition money. As always, if you are reading this, what do you guys think? Drop me a comment. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for reading.


That School Lunch Debate

The other day, I was reading an article on how this bus driver got fired for posting on his Facebook wall about how angry he was when a child came onto the bus hungry because he didn’t get to eat lunch since it was taken away from him for being short on a couple of cents. Now, he was fired for posting on his Facebook (which is another debate in itself), and there has been some claims that the child did in fact eat, but still, this isn’t the first time this issue has happened.

Some of you may remember the Salt Lake City Incident, in which 32 school lunches were taken away from students and thrown out because they had an outstanding balance on their accounts. I understand that the school district is working on a budget, but seriously, there is a better way for them to get their message across to students and parents.  Some of them said that they had no idea that their balance was running low.

This has happened to my sister in elementary school. She was short about .15 cents and they denied her lunch. Like legit took her food away. She came home crying and starving. My mother and father were furious. For .15 cents? Really? And, to make it worse, they most likely threw the food away. My sister now carries extra money, and not just for herself, for the occasional classmate that forgets or is short.

Here is my take on the debate. LET THE CHILDREN EAT. It is not that parents are not willing to pay, most just forget to refill the account balance. It happens. It is not the end of the world, but are you really going to throw away perfectly ( debatable in most cases) edible food? Not to sound like a parent, but THERE ARE STARVING CHILDREN IN THE COUNTRY. I don’t have to go around the world to say that poverty is hitting close to home.  I hate that the district feels that it is right to waste food instead of just giving the child some slack. Really, no one should ever have their lunch taken away from them, only to have it thrown out in the end.

Also, don’t give me the spiel about how some families are qualified for free/reduced lunch. BS. It is the same when apply for financial aid. On paper, you may look like you have enough money to survive, but they forget that you have to pay other things as well. Mortgage, heating, telephone, water, car payments, maybe even hospital bills. You also have three children who need clothes, FOOD, books, and who doesn’t want to spoil them once-in-a-while. It may look good on paper, but that is not always the case. I just don’t get what people do not understand about this.

Again, it is not that the parents do NOT want to pay the lunch fee (it may be the case sometimes), but it happens. Or, sometimes, maybe the child has forgotten to remind the parent, or bring their lunch money (Lord knows I have done that once or twice). Really, bless the lunch ladies/men at schools who let kids slide for a couple of cents. There is nothing worse than getting food taken away from you. What are we in? A prison?

In short, I am not pleased by these recent articles about schools publicly taking away the school lunches of children. I think there needs to be a review about how cases like these are handled. I mean, the school district doesn’t even make a profit from selling school lunches. It is understandable that they want to settle accounts, but if they are just going to throw it away, then might as well let them eat it.  I’m just saying, there is so much more school districts have to worry about than taking lunch away from children.

To whoever is reading this, please comment and tell me your take on it.